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Mineral fiber cealing

Usg mineral fiber cealing its gives the perfect for professional finish to cealing. They have many benefits these kinds of cealings. It's easy to install and these types of tiles can have been use for long time and, they are scratch resistant and diminish for long years. vigneshe decors gives the best quality of cealings to decorate and construct your dream home. Minerals fiber has the great obsorption of noise, and also it has excellent ability to reflect light in daytime, suitable for classroom &office. Sri vignesha decors has lots of satisfying consumers in affordable cost.

Gride cealing

Grid cealing is used for modern construction, it may carry extra load cealing and it's very easy and quickly install them, this material is used for for both commercial purposes. Sri vignesha decors has a plenty of cealings designs and we do excellent finish at the time of work. It's used for modern construction and its has more attractive appearance. Grid cealing is easily to reassembled and dismantled anywhere. it's very lightweight and good quality its gives the extra dimensions and attractive appearance. Here we do the best constructions in most affordable cost.

Acoustic cealing

Acoustic cealing its directly attached to cealing, it gives extra value to your home, its reduce the superior noise. Sri vignesha decors has wide variety of materials, sizes and designs in acoustic cealing with affordable cost. No matter what your requirements, we will match ideal solution for you that's we are in first place in customers need. Acoustic cealing gives the extra beauty and its has the great sound absorption. Sri vignesha decors has the great quality of service with cost effective with great work, our service will satisfy your needs and we will give the ideal solutions for you.

GRG cealing

Glassfiber reinforced gypsum is one of the leading cealings its gives the extra dimensions to your cealing. It's looks unique and fresh& clean mostly used for hospitals and office. The glass fiber cealing has the great appearance and it's very easy to installation and it's every economy and versatility. Also it's very lightweight fiber its ideal for office use and it high light ur building and we have plenty of colors in grg cealings. It's good for hospital and hygienic places, sri vigneshe decors has the great quality service and cost effective , we construction with affordable cost.

PVC grid cealing

Polyvinyl chloride grid cealing is false decorative cealings is used for home, and office. Polyvinyl cealing is made up of high quality of gypsum board, it's very lightweight and good quality the installation process was so easy. Sri vignesha decors has variety of designs to fulfill your requirements. Here we has great quality service and cost effective and we will match your ideal solutions, and we have wide variety's of cealings as your requirements. PVC grid cealing has a lots of advantages in it first it's a budget friendly and save a lots of time and work. PVC tile is great for your needs and designs aspirations..

Wooden cealing

Sri vignesha decors has a different variety's of wooden ceilings design. Basically wooden gives the richness to cealing, we have different types of wooden ceilings of your concern. Wooden ceilings ideas are great way to start. Sri vignesha decors have different kinds of theme that's pop ups your mind. It gives dramatic loves and enchances your room decor. Here we giving the best quality service and affordable cost and budget friendly, sri vigneshe decors has satisfying customers, interior decorations makes your home big impact in a room with small effort.

Gyp board sealing

Sealing is most important element of interior, sri vigneshe decors proudly say, here we give have variety's of gypsum false sealing in affordable cost, it can change your modern life. Advantages of gypsum board construction was it's very economy and versatility. Gypsum board is the lightweight material, and also the material is large compare to other materials and, it's very easy and quickly install them and its suitable for all types of interior decorations. Sri vignesha decors construct you with high quality walls and cealings..